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Here is an overview of all the formatting-rules you can use in OliveWiki. Press "Edit Page" at the bottom, to see how everything is done.
(If you only see "Locked Page", refer to the documentation to find out how to unlock a page!)

Headings, using !:




Font faces, using ':

Ordered lists, using #:
  1. First
  2. Second
  3. Third

Unordered lists, using *:

Code and other stuff where formatting is important, using curly brackets:
Firstname Lastname Age
Jill Smith 20
Eve Jackson 34

| Affen | Auto  |         |       |
| Banane| Ventil|         |       | 
| Wald  | Motor |         |       |
|       |       |         |       |

Berlin Hamburg München

Miljöh Kiez Bierdampf

Buletten Frikadellen Fleischpflanzerl

External links and eMail-addresses, either automagically...

or with an arbitrary linktext with the help of square brackets
Go to OliveWiki

Images work automagically as well, just include the URL of the image you want

Local Images in the Image Folder using
@ # # @

Local Download Links using
~ # # ~
Download OliveWiki: LINK

Links to wiki-pages, using square brackets:
If a page does not exist, it will be created the first time you click on the link. Click on "Sandbox" and you can simply write this new page ...

Color is no Problem
This is some text!
This is some text!
This is some text!

... and lots of lines, using ----:

Try it out! Once you get used to it, it's pretty simple.
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